Thursday, July 2, 2015

Water Dream III

***Another dream of water***

I was at home with Biscuit, my dachshund. We lived on beachfront property in California, which afforded us spectacular views I assume. The light outside the house told me it was about 4ish, so I figure I was winding down my day, waiting for my husband to come home. I was writing and playing with the dog when the day became oddly darker.

I went to the back of the house, which faced the beach. Beautiful latte colored clouds were outside, casting an ethereal grey-gold tint to the sky and water. I became aware that the beach was strange somehow. Not empty of people, but still odd and and quiet. I thought to myself, Okay Lord, is it today? But God was silent, and the sea and sky would not answer. I just stared out, afraid to look, and afraid to stop. The tides were off. I didn't go into our small cement back yard, but I noticed that the water came up to the sand at the bottom of the wall before receding. In my dream mind, I considered the movie Deep Impact where the girl and her father stood on the beach waiting for the wave to take them. 

God didn't have to say a word. 

I knew it was coming, I just didn't know if I had seconds or minutes before it arrived. I went to the front of the house for some reason, when a chill ran through me, and I dashed back see what was happening on the beach. Darkness walked towards the coast from the horizon, and I was about to turn and call Tony when I noticed there was no water on the beach, only a shadowy wall that I knew to be a tidal wave.

It hit, and then receded. My windows didn't crack or break, and Biscuit was cool as he always is. The water was slate and salt and I knew the house was submerged because there were no bubbles. I didn't think about it at the time, but the windows in my house must have all been closed. I ran to the front of the house, waiting for the impending wall of water to claim me and all that was in the house. But the waters receded. I turned to face the rear windows, and the resting water was just at the top of my backyard mini-wall. I tried to escape via the front of the house at that point (silly child) and getting Biscuit past our metal fence was enough of a challenge that I picked him up. I knew another wave was coming and we didn't have much time, so I went back into the house.

Once again, the tidal wave exploded against us. Once again, the water was over the home. And once again the waters receded and I was safe. Shortly after this, mountains of garbage came towards our broken levy of a coast. People were outside looking and commenting on the state of our ocean. I wanted to laugh, and I wanted to scream at them for being stupid and unsafe, but I wasn't about to open my windows. The tidal wave of trash is what knocked my home off of it's foundation and pushed it through the city. We rocked in our house-sized crib all the way downtown...

The dream jumped to the next scene, where I was with my husband in his work-building. There were no windows. His supervisor wanted him to explain why we were going a certain way, but this really heavyset guy with ashy blond curls turning into dreads stood there in sandals, socks, cargo shorts and a tie-dye rainbow t-shirt interrupting him, letting him know that he knew we were saved and wanted to take us to get some water.

That's when I woke up.

*** *** ***
Subliminal response to my life or prophetic dream warning... what do you think?

With words, song & prayer, TiMo

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