Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saturday Post 6-20-15

A Saturday Post for consideration...

"Are we/How are we the same/different?" - Dr. Tannen

" tongue is the pen of a ready Scribe..." - King David

There is nothing going on but the rent. And that is the new thing.

I feel.

Been thinking about my Mom, my brothers and sisters in law.

D and I were talking at one point, and she mentioned that the world kept going. She spoke of how it surprised her. She said, "Don't you know what just happened?"

Mom says she's going to mourn until his birthday on the 26th, and then start the "getting up" process. I'm proud of her taking care of herself - listening to her own voice about the matter.

We feel.

I had an impression about grieving that I think was incorrect. The cliché is true - "no one can tell you how to grieve"... but people can still tell you their opinions and stories. People are going to tell you what you should say or do. Opinion giving has no timestamp. Tact is not universally understood. Who am I to talk?

You feel.

There's too much today... as for a thread. I got nothin'. So here are some thoughts for you to consider.

With words, song and prayer,TiMo

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