Saturday, June 13, 2015

Memory's Renaissance

Hey there! Here is your Saturday Post.
~~~ ~~~ ~~~

It is another kind of birthing

Taking place here.


Of an old story.

Reaching back to mark the place

Coiled into one point in time.

A stone of remembered stories

Birthing into a singular story.

A story joining other stones.

Heavy and beautiful.

All these hands trying to help it along.

The healing begins.


We laugh and sigh, rage and cry, about different details.

We celebrate and shame.

The world keeps spinning.

Babies are born and bills are passed.

Breathing times and pushing times.

Economy of motion.

Those with the desire come alongside the process.

Helping progress. 

Some are constructive.

Some only mean to be.

A birthing canal of shared input.

And the story - the myth - the legacy -

The framework for a legend

Begins to move,

On its way to being born.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~
It is a bit heavy around the house still, but we try to push through. We keep busy, and try to accept things as they come. Despite our wishes, our world is still in motion ,but the continued prayers, gifts, and quality time (even via written word) are appreciated. On behalf of my family. THANK YOU for your part in this - all of you.

With words, song, and prayer,
Light Heart Angel Road
© 2009 Tiffany Monique

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