Saturday, June 6, 2015

Surf's Up

Dedicated to Denise B. with love, a Saturday post!

We call them waves
It is difficult to find the ground sometimes
Normal is chaos
And chaos is lost in sorrow
This is a new mine field
Sprung up in the flowery pastures of the old
Such joy to remember
Such stark contrast to
The 'surreality' of absence
His absence
And his absence too
Each person
A point
A sting
Worn and irritating
While still brand new like unbroken in shoes
Heights of hilarious memory
And joy so thick
A malted milkshake of laughing
And then 
Sharply inhaled
The laughter becomes dehydrated and crystalline
Going to the store becomes
Walking through a cave
Sitting alone becomes
While strangely the only solace
In the Word we ground ourselves
So we will not be carried out
Rip tides
The tether feels weaker than it really is
So we lift our chins
And we smile
#7 By The Lake
Photo by Elizabeth Lewis Passmore © 2015

Number 7 by the lake at the Eternal Hills Cemetery and Mortuary in Oceanside, CA is his final address. Andrew is in our hearts, but feel free to share time and space at the point of contact.
With words, song,  prayer requests & prayer,
Andrew and Yours Truly, 2009

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