Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturday Post 3.8.14


A nonesuch lady wore green and brown, on a nonesuch street at sunset, on a not-so-bad day in a summery Southern California Winter. I saw her. Simultaneously, I didn't see her.

She was blocking the sun with her parasol - lime green with white polka dots. It pinged me. I never saw her face. I never saw her ear, her shoulder. Her body began at the elbow and it made me think of marketing and sexual commodification.

She didn't have a head. That pinged me. She was wearing a dark grass green skirt. A mother's body swaying in the gentle breeze while she waited for the light with a young child at her side. Two thirds of her body in my vision. A series of greens and browns and it made me think of motherhood and fertility.

She was on display, but hidden, and it pinged me. Like people who wear glasses. We bring attention to ourselves while simultaneously blocking people from seeing us. She invited me to see her, and kept me from the kernel of her face. This secret gift she hid from no one. This crazy dance I did with her story, unknown to me.

Ripple, still, ripple. God bless her green and brown hues.

I was driving and had the green light. I couldn't stop to consider her further, but she stayed with me asking questions of my life journey. I think that woman will stay with me until I die - like a lime green post-it note on my soul.

With words, song & prayer, TiMo
Onward Looking - February 2014

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