Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday Post 3.15.14

My Friends
I am blessed with a wonderful circle of friends.
Some closer than others.
Some more artistic.
Some speak into my soul.
Some speak into my workplace.
Some speak by not speaking.
For example
Sarah reminds me artistically, intellectually, and spiritually to be myself and push my own boundaries.

Sarah: "You may forget it sometimes, and that's okay, but you are in a womb of love, care, and concern of which you cannot measure the height, width, or depth. It is also living. It moves, breathes, and flows with you. It is here for your protection, for your comfort, and to help nourish you as you grow and develop. I am humbled that I get to be a small piece of it. I am also proud. In the short eternity I have known you, I have watched you love and fight. I have watched you win and lose. I have watched you sing and dance. All of that, it was you spinning a cocoon, and making that change. You were beautiful and strong before, but when you emerge, when you see the dragonfly you have become, you are going to be so splendid you will barely recognize yourself any more. All of those things that tripped you up before, when you were living life on the ground, they ain't gonna matter no more, because baby you is gonna have wings, and you is gonna soar!"
Another example
Deborah is one of those friends I lost touch with for almost a decade, and when we got back together, we cracked up laughing like it was lunch the next day. I commissioned a painting from her, and she completed and delivered it seven years later. The story of our friendship is as magical as the creation of the painting, and I even wrote about it in The Examiner.
Read the story of "The Seven Year Painting" on Examiner
These are just TWO.
I'm so blessed by the friends I have.
They post notes on my life journey.
Some with their presence
Some with their story
I am weighed down and given wings
By their love

With words, song & prayer, TiMo
Onward Looking - February 2014

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