Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Poetry 10-11-13

Summer 2010, Washington, DC © Tiffany Monique

Two Weeks Notice
If overthinking were a job
I was a Chief Administrative Officer
And hating my position
I had a beautiful office
In a beautiful building
In the middle of a storm
Of my own creation
And I loved and hated
My own mind
My beautiful mind
My mental self-weapon
I put in my two weeks notice
I was not fired
Terminated for cause
I quit the job
So that my heart could beat
So that I could dream
So that I could love
So that I could create
And laugh and sing and dance
In the clear light of the sun

And some remindering...


 What an adventure!
Simply being my own self

How BLESSED I have been!
Yours Truly, Summer 1996, La Jolla, CA
© Tiffany Monique

Yours Truly, Spring 2009, Glen Burnie, MD
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Yours Truly, Spring 2012, Santa Barbara, CA
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Yours Truly, Winter 2012, Borrego Springs, CA
© Tiffany Monique

With words, song & prayer,
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© Tiffany Monique