Monday, October 7, 2013

A Contest From A Word With You Press

A Contest I Say! A Contest! From A Word With You Press!

There is no greater pleasure than helping a student discover the beauty and power of the written word, but of course I am preaching to the choir.

We currently have a contest open to cyberspace and to all local students that allows them to see their work on line and to get valuable feedback from other writers who read their entries. Writers must create an original work of between 750 and 1,000 words that contain somewhere within the text the phrase "I swear, it's not too late."

Here are the parameters of the contest, which will accept final entries up until Thanksgiving Day.

To kick start some interest, AWwYP is offering $500 to the contest winner.

A Word with You Press will select six finalists who will then write a new piece to a different prompt to by judged independently.

I look forward to meeting you and discussing plans to save the world.
Thornton Sully

A Word With You Press

Publishers and Purveyors of Fine Stories
106 North Main St.
Moscow,Idaho 83843

A Word with You Press is a consortium of writing and publishing professionals whose purpose is to see that new and used authors reach a broad audience both on line and in print, and that their work loses fat and gains muscle tone.

We achieve this by hosting writing and publishing workshops, by editing, designing, illustrating and publishing both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts and by sponsoring inter-active writing contests from our website,

A Word with You Press would very much like to establish itself in their new community. We have since our founding in 2009 published ten books, including a Pulitzer Prize winner and award winning poetry and fiction, and we have sponsored over a hundred and fifty events for writers. 

Let's get the word out!!!

With words, song and prayer,
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