Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Poetry 7.5.13

Changing Courses, and Forgiving Misdirects

Short Prose Inspired by Robert Frost
"Two roads diverged in a wood"
And you took them both
Sometimes you want so bad to travel on a particular road
And despite the detour signs,
Construction men,
And police ribbons
You find yourself hurt that the way is impossible to travel
It'll take a minute,
Learning the new way
(Thank GOD for G.P.S.)
And then you turn yourself around
And you get going on the right road
You're annoyed at the time you lost
At the ground you gave up
Due to wrong turn choices
But then you see this road is much easier
And faster
And your vehicle isn't suffering from the unnecessarily rugged twists
And you get to where you were trying to go
Which was the exact place you were trying to go
When you were going the wrong way
But this new way
So much more beautiful
And easy
And you realize how lucky you are
To know the difference so thoroughly

With words, song & prayer,
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Yours Truly, Summer 2011

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