Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Poetry 7.12.13

A Sonnet on the Move
Let me join the ones to stand up like this
Takes a healing hold and a strength to be
Pressed into the truth I now try to live
No more falsehood, bluff, technicality
Couldn't truly live as afraid and false
Most eyes seem so clear. Why can they not see?
Thrill me with the past jealousies of all
I am. No longer bound to not love me
Will not lose again that much of myself
To shine like a sun lit with bitterness
Won't assign again my own heart to hell
The cost to be free is that I forgive
If hope is may call and honor my name
Let us now load cannons. Let me take aim.

Thoughts on
Looked back at milestones
Realized late bloomer flight
Walked back into the room of my life
And saw it was quite bright

Thought it wasn't good enough
Thought it simply wouldn't do
Listened to the them's and they's
Lived life so that they'd approve

But then

Regarded the army again
Realized it was small but tight
Walked around my armory
My battlements still built in light

Changed my thinking over time
Bloomed beautiful and true
See a different future now
So many more things I want to do

11 Years in Review
To all of the friends I've made since 2002
A year ago - Completed my Masters Thesis
Two years ago - Drove across the USA 1.5 times, ha!
Three years ago - Started graduate school
Four years ago - Went on a misadventure looking for Harriet Tubman's house - never found it
Five years ago - Sang at Artscape
Six years ago - Drove in major snow for the first time
Seven years ago - Lived a song lyric - "Got my kicks on Route 66"
Eight years ago - Learned how to shoot .22's, build fire pits, and love knives
Nine years ago - Sang in Soul City Survivors up and down the California coast
Ten years ago - Decided (with good reason) my #1 restaurant for life - The Palace Grill, Santa Barbara
Eleven years ago - Wrote music for a Carillon (Played by the UCSB carillonneur for years after).
WOW, what a ride! I'm excited about the next adventures!

With words, song & prayer,
Here's where you can read me:
Yours Truly, Summer 2011

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