Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Poetry 6.21.13

Poetry and images

listening to birdsong
gentle breezes
even with engines humming underneath
my input into the day
prayers and song
even clothed in a 6am sheath
the smell of my garden
the taste of my coffee
the pressure on my shins from blankets or air
my gratitude to God
my appreciation
the inspiration of stillness, just being there

Coffee Colored Word Play - A Words & Images Project
From 2011, with Love - Coffee Colored Word Play
Coffee Colored Word Play by Tiffany Monique
The Whole You Naked - A Words & Images Project
From 2011 - The Whole You Naked
The Whole You Naked by Tiffany Monique

Private Path, Locked Door - A Words & Images Project
From 2013 with love ~ Private Path, Locked Door
Private Path, Locked Door by Tiffany Monique

Bottled potential
That's what they call me
Hope on copious amounts 
of drugs

Scandalous hope
I dare you to stop me
I dare me 
to keep going

Bottled potential
Shaken like soda
My limits are a tetris
Fit into my future

You sir
Are in my way
Don't say
I didn't warn you

Bottled potential
That's what I exude
That's why I'm creating
That's how I'm here

With words, song & prayer,
Yours truly, Just before singing at the 2009 Inaugural Ball 

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