Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Poetry 6.14.13

Today's theme... windows

(c) 2013 Tiffany Monique
The limits of my future are like dusty windows 
The view of my soul while
My spirit waits
feeling as profitable as unused gas,
Psyche encased in a boring rhythm
Lather, rinse, repeat
looking in the rear view mirrors
Lather, rinse, repeat
My soul
Can I get off this train
I mean, the view back there is beautiful and all
But I got places to go
My body like a car
My mind like a map
My spirit like a call
Take me where I wanna go
(c) 2013 Tiffany Monique
I look to you horizon
From this room in which I hidden
From this lie to which I've listened
For so long

A little girl hearing voices
Telling her trust no one
Telling her she's alone
But that's wrong

I look to you horizon
For the beauty of my loved ones
For the friends who said now hold on
Their friendship proves God true

A little girl watching sunsets
For the beauty of the future
For the mending, healing sutures
And a trail of hope to pursue

With words, song & prayer,
Here's where you can read me:
Yours Truly, Summer 2011

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