Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Compliments, Callings, & Michele

Before she passed in October 2011, my friend Michele told me, "at 35 you're gonna be a beast!" I post this in honor of her blessing me with her life and friendship (with an audio recording of this post at the end).

Had she read the post below, she would have nodded her head, and said "Whatchusay!" in her "and-that's-the-end-of-that-conversation" kinda way. Then we would have cracked up laughing about matriarchy and patriarchy and insecurity and strength, then debated marriage and prostitution. I miss her so. And I wonder what she'd have said to what my friend posted here:

Speaking of Michele and stereotypes... Here's a thought or two to ponder (via story)... this past Sunday I was taken to lunch by a friend from church, where I've been given the new nickname "Princess", which I found, at first, the biggest joke EVER.

Up until recently, whenever I heard the term "Princess", I knee-jerk stereotyped the idea of some scantily clad entitlement-junkie teenager acting spoiled, arrogant, self-absorbed and unkind. Now I am sure that there are moments when I embody all of these things (sometimes all at once, yeesh!), but now I am beginning to rethink this whole "princess" thing. My paradigm has to shift. It comes with age and wisdom. I called myself a goddess for years, based on the logic that I am a child of God, and so I must be some form of lower case goddess. It was to me, at its most basic premise, semantic argument, but I digress.

Why not be a princess? It would mean I am a role model (check), I have to follow certain "protocols" (check), I can't just do or say anything I want because the consequences are greater by nature of my position (working on it... grace is needed here), etc.

So... I am a princess, a ninja (with a sword), a part-time khaleesi... and these are titles I've come into within the last 30 days (if that). It is definitely something to consider. I wonder how Michele would see all this.
(c) 2013 Tiffany Monique -
"Yours Truly in Galleta Meadows feelin' all Khaleesi"
No I don't.

Michele would have loved it.  WHATCHUSAY!

With words, song & prayer,
(Listen to the blog post here)

(c) 2011 Tiffany Monique
Yours Truly, Summertime in Vermont

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