Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I'm inviting Tyler Perry to "Dinner at Tiffany's"

I'm inviting Tyler Perry to Dinner at Tiffany's.
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Because of this prayer (posted on Facebook earlier today):
Here’s a prayer for today: “God help me hold on, help me to get to what I dream of, help me to honor where I am today so that I can appreciate where I will be tomorrow. In Jesus' name.”
Man, that is such an awesome prayer for me to read as I am stepping out into my artistic entrepreneurship. The above prayer came at the end of a post he entitled, "This is for Frustrated Dreamers". I have friends who will totally love that post, and some who will give it little if any weight. This is fine. It was highly inspirational for me when I read it. Perry related his feelings about his past; of hating to go to work and being emotionally and physically destitute because he was in a place where he knew his dreams were real but they weren't physically in his face. I appreciated his honesty and his perseverance.
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Anyone who knows me knows that I am a dreamer (almost to a fault... almost). Some of my dreams are quite obvious, and some are so huge (yet personal) that I have only told a few people. I've told two or three people a couple of my dreams, and they did laugh. But it may have been my outfit. If you are wondering, my dreams no longer have anything to do with the ice capades.
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The point is this. If I could, I would invite Tyler Perry to Dinner at Tiffany's. I'd have him join me in O'side, CA at A Word With You Press (lovingly shortened to AWwYP) for one of the Anti-Social Writers and Creative Misfits Read & Respond Session (preceded by foodage most yum, cooked by moi).

I'd sit him down next to Russ and Michele, and feed him something with a lot of garlic (we love garlic at AWwYP). Perhaps I'd make steamed shrimp and blacked asparagus, (Akesha would be there with yet another of his most amazing salad concoctions) and I'd even consider concocting a dump cake (so named because it is simple & AWESOME).
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It would be my hope that my favorite misfits and smart alecs would all be in attendance. It would make for the most hilarious yet productive night. Ed would read some random flash fiction about ham and ugly skirts. Then Kyle would take us on an emotive safari to the cold Canada climate as she read her next installment. Russ and Thorn would be well stocked and steadily firing their writing advice as Mr. Perry would sit there comfortably, adding his own insight while laughing hysterically at our jokes (we are a pun-riddled group the likes of which can only be compared to Bob Hope).
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Billy would then read a poem that would make all of our minds feel saturated with descriptive prose. Perhaps someone new would come, and drop tendrils of literary tresses in the air. Ronnie would remind us to keep the story moving and not get lost in the prose (I love this about Ronnie). And at the end of the evening, Tyler Perry would help us rearrange tables before taking the time shake hands and hug those present. He may take a Tupperware bowl with him (if any food is left) as his limo picked him up to whisk him off to whereever.

Or...I wouldn't cook. All I gotta do is dream.

Yours Truly, Summer 2011

With words, song & love,

P.S. It's not too late to submit for the Wingnuts Contest Entry. Deadline is 6/10/13! If you want, you can read my first submission here.

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  1. Hey Darlin, enjoy it while it lasts and it will last forever :)