Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Poetry 5.24.13

Tickle me sweetly
No gray clouds here
When the smile comes
a shining
Wish me a-secret
No regrets here
When the love comes
a healing
Kiss me most truly
No truth shamed here
When the time comes
I'm ready
Yours truly, circa 1996 in La Jolla "overlooking my kingdom by the sea..."

And just like that
Words come from a stranger
and  I quote
"Exquisite sacred pleasure
Exquisite sacred pain
Pregnant silence"
And I am once again reminded
The  beautiful music of poetry
The stories untold
The perspectives of the forgotten
I won't apologize for the rest of my life
I was right there
I was writing there
And just like that
Words from a stranger

~~~   ~~~   ~~~    ~~~

All those days
All those times
All these days
All these times
Past passes in the present
into future
And I am me, here
in this timeless place
Wondering what time it is
wishing at a wishing well not made
yet already ruined
and standing beautifully in the garden
Statues know my name
And countless blades of grass
like heartbeats, so important
despite being so easily overlooked
So powerful, yet come and gone so quickly
All those days
All these days
And I am here
Wondering what time it is

With words, song & love,

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