Thursday, February 21, 2013

2012 in review - ish

I blame Mary A. for this blog post... but not in a bad way.

2012 was a writing year... mostly my practicum plan, portfolio, and thesis. I did write other pieces. But other things happened as well. Thankfully, I saw many man California sunsets that slowed me down, and some even took my breath.

I also took lots of short road trips to one of my favorite places on Earth (hint, it rhymes with BALBOA PARK). Brengle Terrace Park, Oceanside Pier, Santa Barbara, Julian, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Vermont (in both Winter and late Summer), Ohio (which is the longest road trip that I've ever had with a friend... so far).
No sicknesses that completely impeded me, save a nasty cold in early Jan. But that didn't stop me from keeping on the move.

March was when I left my job working in Heartland Village (where I learned quite a bit about myself and my "family") to start a new one as the Registrar and Office Manager at a Charter School. This allowed me to finish school and afford to move to my new place some time in May.

Yes, that is my private Wonderland... and I try and write every day, though you may or may not read it.

The weather changed, season to season. Beautiful flowers in spring turned to hot flashes from the sun, which caused power outages in So Cal. From here our blistering summer turned cool and beautiful, but not cold. It turned cold in December. It was kinda freezing (nothing like East Coast... I mean SoCal freezing, which in reality is more like SUCK-IT-UP-and COVER-YOUR-MIDRIFF-or-worse-PUT-ON-A-COAT freezing).

I did sing once for a graduation event in June, but that was the only real "gig" outside of church worship (which is highly personal) for the year. I don't do karaoke, because I don't want to go to bars. I turned 35 this year in September, and I decided I'm just "too old" to play around with half measures of God, man, and knowledge, so I do much less.

My friend Keke and her husband David moved to Texas in October, leaving a gaping hole in my heart and in our Bible Study conversation. I had it all dialed in too. Saturday mornings were always accounted for learning and celebrating a growing relationship with God.

I spent October 31 volunteering at Life Christian Church for their Harvest Festival. Thanksgiving I spent with my Mom for lunch and boyfriend's mom for dinner. Christmas again, between houses. John had a wondrous victory in an appeal, and because of that we were able to bless my family with toys and gifts a-plenty. It really was a beautiful holiday season.

My brother left for Costa Rica to begin his missionary journey there. My nephews turned, 18, 7, 2, and 1 respectively. My boyfriend and I celebrated our first anniversary of dating. We also attended his eldest daughter's marriage. Lots of furniture moving and knick knack buying, cleaning, cleaning out, packing and unpacking, concealing and revealing, blah blah blah...

So... I was highly blessed, and also highly battled in 2012. I am still here. And I will keep going and growing.

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