Sunday, April 14, 2013

Coming Over

I don't normally write about my dreams, but lately they've been powerful and telling, as if I'd awakened something deep within me. I've just awakened from one such dream. I apologize for the lack of story, but I want to make sure that I get the feeling of the dream. A few things happened within this dream, but the thing I wanted to share was the end.

I was surrounded by family members in a dwelling not unlike a condo. We were in a competition of some sort which was basically over, as the unit had dispersed and the men were doing their own thing.  All the women were in a form of black clothing (in my Black American culture, this meant we were in a state of mourning). I noticed one lady sitting at the bottom of a pool. I wasn't scared, but it was my hope she didn't stay there. She didn't. To be fair, it appeared that one point or another we women were all in the pool looking up from the water's depth and when we came up & out we were strangely dry.

Well, she came out, and began to sing, with her really beautiful soprano voice, as she was trying to bring everyone in the family together. Then she left the room, looking for people. I started to hum in a low tone, her song, no words. I couldn't really think what the words were.

Now where I was standing, there was a group of women. And one by one they began to hum with me. It was a melancholy melody, remarking subtly of the history of slavery, even though in my dream the times were relatively modern (so the family had all kinds of shapes, shades, races and mixes) and the location was a dreamscape of La Jolla, CA. With each voice I felt my own get more and more powerful, and also more free. We silenced the room. We began to hear those just outside turning off distractions and, if not entering, stilling themselves to listen. I felt that those who were lost began to hear us and slowly make their way back to us. And then we added words, similar but not the same to the first voice.

Lord, you really gotta come over
Lord, you really gotta come over
Lord, you really gotta come over
We need you to come over

We repeated and repeated, and at the end of our song, we sang the last line a couple extra times. When we stopped the place was still vibrating with the echoes of our song. This feeling is what woke me up.

The silly shallow part of me is balking that I would write so honestly (I've since edited for grammar and spelling), but I wanted to share this. I felt led to share this. I also recorded the song. I can't feel the 'power' of it ebbing from me, and now I find I'm sleepy again.

Lord, whoever is lost, if I am to be used to find them for Your glory, please help me to. Where I am lost, continue to be a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. Wherever you lead me I will go, be it even the valley of the shadow of death. I will not fear any evil because I know You are with me. In Jesus name, Amen

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