Monday, November 26, 2012

The Moon Has Three Eyes

A brief story...

There was once a fair maiden. I say fair, when what I really mean is she was fair-tempered -- a true rarity in this world of ours. She was appropriately emotive at all times. When joyful, not overly so. When angry, not full of rage. She was... balanced. Yes, that is a good word. The appropriate feeling at the appropriate time in the appropriate amount. Oh, yes, she was fair.

So what does this have to do with the moon, you ask?

She punched a hole in it -- three of them.

What would make her do such a thing, you ask?

The moon deserved it -- all three of them.

I asked her quite frankly, what the moon could have possibly done to deserve such violence. Her answer made me laugh, and cry, and then laugh some more.

Can you guess the answer???

This image is not a clue... simply an image. Enjoy!!!

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