Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Giving Thanks 2012

Just wanted to thank every one of you who said for me to keep writing. 
I Thank You © Tiffany Monique
There will be more writing and imagining in future. I'm regrouping. 37,000 or so words later I can say that I am SOOOO glad that I love writing otherwise, I think that my thesis would have killed me (literally). Here below is the last drafted abstract of my thesis (I think it's pretty complete, but at least here I can show you a glimpse of what's been running around and around in my brain these past two years):
This creative thesis project is a collection of my personal dual-expression spoken word recordings and writings, showing how I used dual-expression to engage the self-conscious roles of my woman-self which I termed Pme and Qme. This is explained in chronological detail as I theorized and shared my personal findings of what dual-expression is and how it has played (and continues to play) a part in my personal transformation through use of spoken and written word (one of the basic tenets of Transformative Language Arts). In addition to my own submissions, I shared my dual-expression theory and method with women that live in my local community when I facilitated a TLA practicum in the form of a free community workshop. The women who attended have all shown an appreciation for dual-expression as a positive creative outlet, allowing some of their dual-expressions to be included in my process paper as a chronological experience of what they shared and witnessed of my theories of TLA, dual-expression, Pme, Qme, and the spectrum of authenticity through the engagement of the dual-expression method. The following creative submission is my personal engagement and theorizing of my dual-expression workshop which are all a part of my Transformative Language Arts praxis and methodology. 

What a mouthful. And I still think it can be said better, but if I don't stop editing it, I'll never be done. I want to be done

For those of you who've stood by me through this work, I am most grateful. I am humbled by your diligence and loyalty. I thank you all.
The best moment of your life and the worst moment of your life are just moments.
Keep going

P.S. -- I want to thank ©Bing for the following image (a beautiful & well-timed image of what I would call complementary duality). It is a beautiful summation of what I've been studying, and it is also the wallpaper I was staring at as I turned in the latest (pretty much final) draft of my Master's Thesis. 
Image Credit - Lightning strike, Cape Canaveral, Florida (© Geo Rittenmyer/Corbis)(Bing United States)

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