Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Agony and the Ecstasy... Tiffanized of course

"No longer the meek shepherd, David is shown at the moment of his decision to fight..."
From the Film, The Agony and the Ecstasy, starring Rex Harrison and Charlton Heston
I have much to write and speak about. I have no excuses -- but I'm not really apologizing. I'm simply stating for the case that I know I am supposed to be writing more.

My reason for not writing was... well... I was writing.

I was writing my master's thesis. And I just turned it in last night. Who know's what the committee is going to say about it. But I am taking this moment to just be thankful that I made the decision to complete that task. I am so glad that I finished that stretch of road. IT SUCKED! But now, there is a moment of euphoria (like I've just gone to the bathroom after holding it for six months!).

This actually links to the image above. Here's how:

I've never really paid attention to the face of the David statue. I admit it, I was enthralled by his stone booty. I was aware of his front netherparts (I was a crass little kid when I first saw it, and he was naked, and Goonies had that scene about "that's my mom's favorite part!"), and all that, but mostly I remember being enthralled by his butt. I looked like a really really white butt!

I digress.

The other day I was watching The Agony and the Ecstasy, and in the beginning of the movie they give a brief history of Michelangelo's life and art, and at that point, there is a slow pan around the statue. I got a chance to look at his face -- at what Michelangelo captured -- such concentration, a little terror, and yet determination. At least that's what I saw.

It made me think about my thesis. I wonder if the face that was on the statue of David was the face I made when I started typing. Now, I don't think I slayed a giant. But I do feel like I took one on when I began. And now that it's turned in, all that's left are the final revisions. I honestly don't care how many there are. I completed this part.

Sarah - keep going. What you are saying is important.
Kao - I'm proud of you finishing this, in your "artistic gramma" way. I am so glad I had the experience of your love and "sing it girl"!
Scott - Wow. Just wow. Doing what I've done makes me THAT much more proud of what you are doing.

There are more, but these three needed to be called out.

The best moment of your life and the worst moment of your life are just moments.
Keep going.

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