Wednesday, February 22, 2012

From 2009 With Love

I finally got my Windows Live Mail Configured but I forgot to stop the download of all previous messages... guess it's a good thing, because this poem popped up and asked to be revisited.

My Thighs (from 2009)

My thighs are beautiful and strong, but that's NOT all that I have going on
See the way the hips slide nice, well, that ain't all that should make you look twice
Sex appeal- got it.
Front and back too
But you don't have my eyes or point of view
And if that's all you want, I gotta move

I have the skills and desire to please, but there is so much more to me
My mouth is sensual and my tongue is strong, but I use it for conversation
Know what I can do
And do it well
But my sex is no longer for sale
I seek to celebrate all that makes me female

Not to be arrogant or proud, but I speak with out talking, and I speak loud
You wanna piece of me, dripping and sweet, but I am a meal- not a taste of meat
I'll no longer settle
I know I can wait
Because I want the soul to resound in my mate
And for him alone, my thighs were made to satiate
My things, my rise, my mouth, my crown
To God and then him will I happily bow down

"Well you know how it feels if you begin hoping for something that you want desperately badly; you almost fight against the hope...but it is no good trying to throttle this hope. It might- really, really, it just might be true. So many odd things had happened already." -The Magician's Nephew

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