Friday, March 16, 2012

I Wonder About My People

I wonder about my people
Where did all my Black American Fae Folk go?
No really
Where are all the Black American Fae folk?
Did they run away
From the bad publicity
of their beauty
from the limelight
Afraid their wings would get tagged
By cultural icons
And missing status symbols
Are they on the road
Looking for role models
Moving invisibly along
Floating on their still working
Weak and working
Battle ready and battle worn
As I drive by

I wonder about my people
Where are all the Black American fae?
born in the city
born in the snow
praising God Almighty
through their motown
slow dancin'
with the Holy Spirit
Where did they
my people
My fae
My Black American wonders
My fae folk
Surely it is a devil's trick
for me to think
I am the only
Black American fae folk
and I am looking for home
A home that has gone away

I wonder about my people
Is it ok
To wonder if Jesus was fae
But my kind
in this world
but not of it
otherworldly magic
Can I be His kind of fae
And mix my
Good ol' Southern
Almost Baptist love
With this fae of non-worldly description
or understanding
Where did all my Black American fae folk

I wonder about my people
If someone would only stand up and say
here I am
Maybe me
I'll let them see me this way
Somebody's gotta start the revival
My Black American Fae
Will you join in
or shy away
I pray you'll stand up too
And call out
sing out
cry out
stand out
just so I know you are still here
And we can praise God together
Good and loud
in tune and out of tune with our hands raised
And our wings in the air
Performing arts and feeling authentic

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