Thursday, December 30, 2010

Out for a walk in Shirlington, VA

Dear Blog Fabulous,

On a whim I decided to go check out Black Swan (being a Natalie Portman fan since I first saw her and brooding Frenchman in The Professional). That is not the point of this blog though. The point is my photo:
Taken by yours truly 12.29.10

Full size and unapologetic from my brand new replacement phone.

I was still trying to figure how to get the camera to work properly, and hoping that I would capture the shot I envisioned, considering the delay, and my un-acclimated camera button finger to a new Blackberry-esque trackball thinking how cool would it be if I can get the shot while the bus is in motion, but in time so it doesn't cover up the stoic street sign... (this unnecessarily long sentence is also full size and unapologetic).

Uh...  WOOOOOOOOOT! I WIN!! I WIN!! Go TiMo! Go Cocoa! (I was perfectly still when I reviewed the shot, but in my mind I admit it- yes, I was doing the cabbage patch, the happy dance, and the smug diva face too.

The glare from the lights is amazing, and I have an idea of how I would like to draw this photo in the near future. There is something about the parking meter that adds something, and of course, the Christmas lights are creatures fantastic resting in a bed of sky.

And since I was all inspired from the Black Swan and feeling artistically aroused, this photo was like touching a G-spot in its way. It's no award winner (not yet anyway... who knows???), but I had an idea of the shot, and then I planned, prepared, executed, and enjoyed the fruit of the labor.

Now is the time for me to be doing this on bigger and bigger scales. It feels like heaven when what I artistically imagine and the reality of what I present line up (and even moreso when it happens quickly).

Imagine, plan, prepare, execute, "and you will know them by their fruit".

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