Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mental Key Turn Part 3- Weed your support group

Transformative Language Artists have a plethora of support and inspiration at their disposal, and Mental Keyturns are just one of the many tricks in the bag. In Part 1, word-bridges were a refreshing romp in the random. Paper, shower, trash bag. What can be done with these words together. How do they intertwine? Does it inspire poetry? Does a dress pattern come to mind? Could it inspire a new song? This whimsical perspective can prove to be quite helpful with Part, 2 Braving the Mental Attic. When you know who you are, you are more ready and able to transform. You may uproot fruitless constructs, and rewrite your foundation to better build upon.

Being random, and knowing yourself can definitely help with Part 3 because sometimes there are people in your life that just shouldn't be there. More...

Imagine, plan,
prepare, execute...
"And you will know them
by their fruit"

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