Thursday, December 31, 2015

With the Old and the New

Goodbye 2015, here is a post to consider on the way out!

This 1

Bluest Eye
Bone straight hair
Skinny thigh
This is not I
This is part I
This in part I
This impart I
Winged creature fly
This is I
This is why
One of the good parts of 2015 - one of the lessons...

 This 2

This is the time
To sit, to sip
To look, to listen
This is the space
For pondering, for dancing
For writing, for singing
This is the joy
Loving, giving
Hoping, living
This is the work
The owning, the learning
The changing, the earning
Thank you for the trip 2015!
With words, song & prayer
Tiffany V

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