Thursday, October 8, 2015

Theme & Variations from UDPPBook

Poetry in the morning. How sweet it is.

© 2015 Tiffany Vakilian
Thinking about my Goddard peeps and the poetry that they inspired in me.

I've heard it said
A great many things about
Dynamic duos
Complimentary opposites
The dance and not the battle
Heard that last week
In and out
Red and blue
Blue and grey
Yin and yang
Yanantin and masintin
Partners in a samba
Can they dance alone?
Can I?

On the dance floor called corpus callosum
The moonlight and shadow
One orb
The storyteller and the administrative assistant
Both directions are necessary
For life
Hands feet
Left side right side
Seen unseen
Wolf wife
That’s for Clarissa
Who started this whole conversation
Without even knowing I existed
Or perhaps
It was Tannen
She said it is communication
That can destruct meaning
Goffman's impressions
Given and given off
Gilligan’s pleasure
Relationship for relationships
And all the stories in between
And around
And throughout
Can they dance alone?
Can I?

Thanks Anne
For your friend Kitty
Imaginary and real
Shange's choreo-poem
The dance of communication
Or beauty
Or therapy
A mushroom, Alice
Eat it
One side makes you bigger
And the other...
Let's bring in Pme and Qme
Honne and Tatamae
There I am
In the conversation
Of duality
Recognizing and engaging
Via dual-expression
Write it
Then say it
Say it
THEN write it
One feeds the other better in this way
This way that way
Light shadow
Felt sense felt senses
Hearing with ears
Our words
Our woman-self words
Can they dance alone?
Can I?

Front self Pme
Meta-self Qme
Winding a winding road
To knowing
To gnowing
Knowing and gnowing
Oracle and Architect
Popular culture
Myth story
Can they dance alone?

Can I?

With words, song & prayer,

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