Saturday, October 10, 2015


On Bonnie and Dan's Wedding Day - Here's a Saturday Post!

For Boba and Darth

I choose to nerd out
Get the word out
And I am not ashamed
I will sing and cry with joy
No plots or ploys
Only love to blame
I choose my friends who love me
Who envelope me
In their gracious arms
And while we sing the Star Wars main theme
She marries the man of her dreams
Right there on the front lawn

Love you, Bonnie - Congratulations!
You found the droid you were looking for!

In transit
From Ugly Drawers, Pretty Panties

On your mark, get set, GO
Where though
A pioneer through life's paths
A journey from here to eternity
A wanderer through the wonder of the simplest moments
I am in transit
I am not easily surprised, but life has a way of shutting me up
The more I learn, the more I see,the more I wish for simple songs and writing
The less I want to talk, the more I want to ask
What do you want to learn from your life?
What do you want to teach through your experiences?
What do you want your legacy to be?
Let's transit together and share the load
Let's converse about our wonder-wanders
And save each other time and trial
Learning to lean, learning to bow, learning to pray
As we travel from death to life
Let's enjoy the story
Show me your battle scars and I'll show you mine
From the past, when we were stupid
Yes, even five seconds ago
I am tired of my ears being tickled
We are moving from ignorance to wisdom
Through trial and text and a multitude of counsel
I want to go hard after life and excellence
So that when I am old my age will speak wisdom
I will tell my younger ones from experiences
And so I go, and I will bring stories in transit

Inspired by the phrase II

From Ugly Drawers, Pretty Panties

"Danger is very real, but fear is a choice." - Will Smith, After Earth
I will say it
I will give no quarter to the lie
The bind
The one that says I must say less
Give less
Be less
Because it scares you
(and by the way, if you ain't "you", then don't take ownership)
I will give it
I will open my heart to the sunshine
The freedom
The joy
Even in a moment
(and by the way, if you've been there with me, cool)
I will feel it
I will wear the full armor
Not apologizing
Not compromising
Accepting everything that I am to you, with you, for you
(All the many "you's" out there)
I will choose
Choose life
Choose me
Choose faith in the promise
I will be the fearless one I once tried not to be because of you
(Though I thank you for the trip)
I will change
I am a shifting rhythm
In the poem of life
In the life of a poem
And I am not written by you
(Though I have been edited by "you" from time to time)


On the off chance that you can change for the better
Choose to
On the off chance you can get the spirit and not the letter
Choose to

I sometimes have difficulty
Letting pain back in to hurt me
Forgiving is a daily duty
But I choose to

This one is not finished...

With words, song & prayer
TiMo V

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