Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Royal Daughter

Had she been my own daughter, I couldn't be more proud of the woman she has become. I wish to honor her today.

I have
A good friend V
Standing strong
In the face of sorrow
And conflict
In the same
-I did not stand so
She humbles me

She asked previously
For advice
About her situation
And after referring up
I told her
The best advice I could
"Walk out your royalty"
She did
-In the same situation
Shaped for myself
I did not

Kudos to my friend
Of whom
I am most proud
She is a living epistle
A post-it note
For my soul
A beautiful heart
Showing love
In a
Or Seriously
Unloving situation
I bow.

With words, song & prayer,


  1. They say that comparing oneself to others is unhealthy. Yet, this poignant expose of self awareness is testimony to the strength drawn from friendship. This poem lifts me up, enticing me to stand on tippy toes and gaze over the fence at the royalty passing by, her highness and her royal advisor. She--they--both humble me.