Saturday, April 11, 2015

Water Dream II

A dream for your Saturday Post!

***This one is escaping me as I go, but I remember***

I was living in a dead (or severely dying town), and the floods came to the lower part where the businesses were. I was at a school located in that area practicing on some art performance. We knew the flood was coming. We thought we had more time. The practice was over, and my team was cleaning up and changing, so we unprepared when the waters came, but when they did, the group began trying to save others from the dilapidated buildings.

This was not clean blue water; it was thick like mud and full of things. It came, fast as a flash flood, but we did not see it coming. The water was under the ground (as if it were waiting since time began), and just began quickly rising. It started in early sunset, when the light shines gold through the windows and makes the dust mites dance. The ground was dirt, not paved, and soon became deceptive, hiding which was solid and which was water. It was easy to fall as the ground we stood on changed constantly.

After a while, there was a monster in the water that began to come after us. It was hungry, and I remember thinking it was evil and intelligent, but not too much so. The form escapes me, but I heard its hunger for us almost as a subliminal keening. We saved the people we could and escaped that downtown area, going (I want to say North, but it was more up in altitude) to the city, where the people were moving about, busy as with any normal day. It had to have been a time lapse, because we fought the monster at night, and reached the city at the same golden hour.

The first place we went to was a burger joint with a polystyrene feel to the air, but there were people there, and the food was enticing. I remember seeing a beef burger with sliced onion, lettuce, and tomato. It looked perfectly sized to my hungry stomach. There was an argument amongst the group as to whether we should eat or keep running, and go to a place that would have more healthy food so we could last longer. The flood was on our heels, but were all exhausted.

I was surprised at the business of the people, and chastised myself for my own hypocrisy. Isn't that exactly what happened when the flood came to the low town? We knew it was coming, and we all put off preparing.

When the waters came to the city, it began to turn the strongly founded buildings to dirty wood shacks and the paved black concrete to deceptive sand. After a while again, the keening...

*** *** ***

I have ideas as to what I am dreaming about, and this dream evolves. It must be the same dream, but it grows with me, telling me different things as I dream it. Thank God, I have remembered most of my dreams upon waking since I was a small child, and when I've felt prompted, I have written them down. This next step, sharing, seems natural to me. So tell me, what do you think? Care to have a conversation about it?

With words, song & prayer, TiMo

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