Saturday, April 26, 2014

Strength To Fly Away

Good day to you! Here is this week's Saturday Post:
Geode Dfly Love
December 2013 © Tiffany Monique
Strength to Fly Away

I didn't want to leave you
Little loves
I didn't want to dream of you
Apart from me
But you killed me
Tiny murders every day
You encapsulated my dreams
And tried to swallow them like pills
Digest and discard
I didn't want to leave you
Little joys
I didn't want to imagine the feeling
The absence of you under my fingers
But you hardened my heart
Until I became a geode
With a dragonfly inside
A dragonfly that was never meant to
Be fossilized
Let alone fit inside a crystal rock
Even one as beautiful as yours
I didn't want to attend the funeral of us
Little ones
I didn't want to open my arms
To release you
But I was a lie until I let you go
And now I am true to me
Unashamed of my failure of us
I didn't want to bury you
Too young to understand my departure
It is a sacrifice to rebirth
The only way for me to live
Is for us to die
And I will mourn you
Even as I fly with metal wings
Wings you gave me

With words, song & prayer, TiMo
Onward Looking
© Tiffany Monique February 2014

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