Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday Post 4.12.14

Inspired by the Image
While reviewing Hidden Treasures: A Collection of African American Facts on Examiner, I took to looking at this photo. I've been that mother, and I've been that little girl too. It is so powerful, being held. It is also truly powerful being the holder. The seasons change and from one moment to the next you become one and then the other. At one time giving the power to the one in need, and then receiving the power so needed. I love this representation for time in American history, but also as the photo of a mother holding a daughter, while simultaneously holding herself. Is that the heart of a mother? The heart of a woman? The heart of a human?

I find the duality once again PINGS me to Pme/Qme (the performer and the quiet one). The points of spectrum once again make me glad I learned of my own spectrum of authenticity and balance. I miss dual-expression workshops. Now I have the time to do them. Will I? Is it time to hold or time to be held?
Onward Looking
© Tiffany Monique February 2014

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