Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday Post 2.22.14

Sorry, no poetry or prose today. I'm distracted a bit.

I'm thinking about divas.
Do you want to be a diva?
Read my article in the San Diego Examiner
I used to call my female friends diva (or goddess) a lot.

In 2011 my pastor in VA decided he didn't want any more to do with the word diva. I was annoyed with him at the time, but now I am beginning to see the wisdom of the slippery slope that the word is on, and his decision to step back from the slope.

I wrote about it in San Diego's Urban Arts Examiner. There are so many great singers out there, but not nearly the amount of diva's the industry in America is trying to portray.

What do you think?

With words, song & prayer,
Onward Looking
Feb 2014

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