Friday, September 6, 2013

Poetry 9.6.13


My joints are not separated
All these parts are all me
Like a body jazz influences
Roots to a multi-facet-tree
And I am a heart
And I am a song
And I am a lover
And my ride is long
This journey was hard on my joints you see
I have been greatly wrong and profoundly right
I see things like music
And wasted time is kryptonite
Still I am a heart
Still I am a song
Still I am a lover
Still my ride is long
But then I have to ask myself
Is time in the cocoon truly wasted
For all the pushing through to flight
For all blood from grinding teeth tasted
Because I am a heart
Because I am a song
Because I am a lover
Because my ride is long
Feeling vibrant like the water
Roots that will go nowhere
Flowing gifts like a fountain
From this my heart
From this my song
From this my loving
From this my riding long
Bend and stretch me I won't break
My joints are stronger than my perception
As long as I live I'll I give you what I can
Blessed in my giving and your reception
Through this my heart
Through this my song
Through this my love
Through my journeying on

In the Desert
Dedicated to Seddy Bear & my daughters

I am happily
In the desert
In the dry season
I get to be here, waiting for You
This little mouse, I
This lioness, I
I question
Is it better
To be a smart mouse
A dumb lioness
One quiet, unassuming
Often overlooked
One a natural predator
Often fought for her alpha role
I am in the desert, waiting for You
Both mouse and lioness
Learning to be both
Learning to be neither
I am happily
In the desert
In the dry season
Waiting for You

With words, song & prayer,
Here's where you can read me:
Yours Truly, Summer 2011
© Tiffany Monique

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