Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Poetry 8.16.13

In transit
On your mark, get set, GO
Where though
A pioneer through life's paths
A journey from here to eternity
A wanderer through the wonder of the simplest moments
I am in transit
I am not easily surprised, but life has a way of shutting me up
The more I learn, the more I see,the more I wish for simple songs and writing
The less I want to talk, the more I want to ask
What do you want to learn from your life?
What do you want to teach through your experiences?
What do you want your legacy to be?
Let's transit together and share the load
Let's converse about our wonder-wanders
And save each other time and trial
Learning to lean, learning to bow, learning to pray
As we travel from death to life
Let's enjoy the story
Show me your battle scars and I'll show you mine
From the past, when we were stupid
Yes, even five seconds ago
I am tired of my ears being tickled
We are moving from ignorance to wisdom
Through trial and text and a multitude of counsel
I want to go hard after life and excellence
So that when I am old my age will speak wisdom
I will tell my younger ones from experiences
And so I go, and I will bring stories in transit

The Decision
Some say the father failed. Failed. And he believed them as he withdrew into himself. His daughter watched. Her heart's cry was his peace, but she too suffered. Seconds to minutes to hours to days. she followed her father's tacit instruction of castle-building in the land of despair. She could not save him (as if it were her job). She hid her sadness and failure in a bonnet with two holes, thinking she would never allow hope to grace the doorway of her heart. What did it matter, as she would fail anyway (isn't that what everyone told her?). In time, she found a convenient marriage, where her husband never knew her true feelings (how could he, as she did not herself know?). And then came a child. And she had to choose her child, and the love her child brought out of her in spite of herself. This girl, now woman, with child, the linchpin of her family's shift in direction. Some would credit the baby's arrival, but I say it was the girl's choice - to love.

For the Seiling Girls
Hey you, small town girl!
Ride your bike, wear your boots!
Hey you, small town girl!
Walk to church, the library, or school!
You know who you are
And you stand strong
Rodeo princess without a horse
Bringing smiles like corn ears all day long
Hey you, small town girl!
Take your Ag class, join 4H!
Hey you, small town girl!
Drive to Woodward, it's OK!
You were all the most glittering ladies
Each and every one
From ages seven to seventy
Your cadence good and strong

With words, song & prayer,
Here's where you can read me:
Yours Truly, Summer 2011

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