Saturday, May 11, 2013

Light, shadow, stairs...

I am getting over a cold. It's a nasty thing. Still, I am not without hope and so I've been redeeming the time and looking into my back yard a lot. My back yard is a petri dish for potential.
(c) Tiffany Monique 2013
I just happened to be looking out of my window, and I noticed the light and shadows on the stairs. I am going to blame the medication for my American Beauty moment. I became a little captivated by the stairs.
(c) Tiffany Monique 2013
I felt inspired to write about them. About the lines, and the light. I had to dance with the clouds for the timing, as it is partially cloudy in SoCal this morning. The sun is currently out, but may be gone before I actually post this. But the shape and color of the stone, and the light shining down, with the growing things all about it made me think of Venice, or Georgia, or L.A. and I was just happy to sit and look at it.

You're probably right. I probably need to go back to sleep.

Hope you enjoyed this, my manic moment of non-lucid lucidity. Dreamscaping for an audience of blog. I think it's cool, personally. I may Sokka slap my head later for actually posting this, but right now... nah.

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