Saturday, February 4, 2012

Things I've Been Meaning to Write

2011 Christmas Party pre-dance-and-sweat mugshot...
what a difference a smile makes!

I have a lot of things I have been meaning to write about lately. I haven't even really gotten into my journal writing, though for a few weeks it was fast and furious personal writing. I read my friends blogs and posts, and I am not even jealous because I am too apathetic.

So this blog post is about breaking out of that. I needed to put a save point on my life so that I could refer back to it. I don't want to make it sound like I'm spending all my time in bed, though it feels like it sometimes. My work schedule shifts once or twice a month, and I don't mind it, but now they've got me working Sunday mornings because no one else can, and I am the lowest on the seniority totem. I am missing Sunday morning church, which is like having a dull pencil of a life... there's just NO POINT. I am not mad because I know it is a temporary thing, but I DO NOT like it.

Looking on the positive, there is a group that comes in and sings, so I get an opportunity to worship (sort of). I can't sing loudly and get lost in a crowd, but I am at least able to sing hymns if I am quiet and don't bring too much attention to myself. The songs are lovely too, so that's always a plus.

On a somewhat related note, a while back I applied for a job where the group asked me to write my testimony on four lines of text. How is that even allowed? If you ask someone for their testimony, at least someone like me, I NEED SOME ROOM! I've been through some stuff -- mostly self inflicted stupidity, and I don't know why I am NOT dead outside of the grace of an all-powerful God. I should have written that down in those measly little lines. I wrote something contrived and cold, and it's no wonder I didn't get the job. But that is not to say that I don't have the job I need to have right now. 

So here are the things I mean to write about in the next month
  • My testimony (a fuller, though not full version)
  • Articles about local artists, to include theBREAX, David Buche, John Aviles, and the ownder of Thrifty Threads in Vista (we've started the process, but they are no where from finished)
  • Word of Faith inquiry and findings -- this ties in to my studies at Goddard and my testimony so I am excited about it and also wanting to do a good job
  • My fleshed out thoughts about the band that I am starting. So far I have a vocalist who has already written a song, but I need the instrumentalists and I need to have my head on straight about the leadership role that I am now taking on.
So that's where I am now. Graduate school is another 16 weeks of thinking and writing on top of these other things, but in that I am not afraid. I am going to do the work, and when it is done, I am going to do more work. I'll check back in July and see how much of this I actually got done.

Imagine, plan, prepare, execute
And you will know them by their fruit

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