Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Power and Insecurity... for Grace

To celebrate my last day of being 33, I am posting to Grace.

Dear Grace,

It is a truly dangerous thing to be in league with someone insecure. And if that insecure person is you, I recommend you stop moving (as much as you can) until you find that root and pull it out like a weed. This is a hard thing, but so worth it. It is not for you to change everyone you know into a confident and secure person, but you must understand that you cannot ever settle for a life of fear.

In the same sense, do not apologize for one gift that was given to you by the good Lord above. That is like being given a BMW and complaining because you were scoping a Hyundai.

People are going to dislike your beauty, talent, intellect, perspective, location, drive, etc.

People are going to hate the fact that you exist.

They talked about Jesus, and He even said that haters would be there always. He may not have said it that way, but He said it nonetheless. Imagine what it was like for Him, knowing that He was the only one to “get the joke”, and He was commissioned to open the door. He was confident in His message, and in Himself.

There is no greater gift or curse than being a confident person (at least that is the way it seems). And unfortunately, most of the people you encounter in your life will be insecure. It is this insecurity that drives them. The weird thing is, that insecurity can drive them to do some of the bravest things in their lives (NOT just the dumbest, though that happens often as well).

I pray you hear me, and understand how much power you have. Never give it away.

Final leg of my cross country drive
From the final day of my cross country drive.

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