Friday, March 25, 2011

Roof Emergency in Arlington, by FW&D

The rains were crazy this March, and just because you have a brand new roof doesn’t mean that it won’t suffer under winds upwards of 60mph and torrential rains. FW&D was right on time without a moment to spare. Click here to read my work article.

The rains have been a-comin' down... and it is still colder than I would like, being a Cali-gurl. Graduate school is back in session, and I am busy busy busy. I am checking and rechecking. My spiritual feet are growing, and I am tripping over them.

M5 made me do burpies this week. They are worse than Turkish Getups. A family member of mine just overcame a huge medical hurdle. I did two important performances, and I met with some wonderful people, just to plan for what to future will hold (once I have time). I did an interview last night with a man who happily lives his life as a DC Judge and Award-winning playwright. It was humbling. The last month has been humbling. I had a really good friend tell me some profound truths about truly trying to improve myself, and how much harder it is than telling people about themselves.

My roof is solid, and I am spending a lot of time in my mental attic. I am finding some old boxes in there. They make me laugh, and cry, and so happy to remember, and so wishing I could forget. What I am beginning to really look into how the way I see myself differs from the way God sees me. I am a work in progress, and while it is beautiful work, man sometimes the work sucks!

But I have the covering of those who truly love me (and that includes me). But I have more "Spring cleaning to do". This is a vague meandering of words, but it feels good to write about the hope that I feel. This work I am doing... it is truly something.

Imagine, plan, prepare, execute...
"And you will know them by their fruit"

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