Friday, March 4, 2011

FW&D Basement Remodel in Burke trips "Dream Home" dream...

Mr. and Mrs. B called FW&D to construct a finished workout area in their unfinished basement in Burke VA... Click the image to read the whole story.

This loverly couple came to the February Restaurant review at House of Dynasty, and the way they talked about their remodeled basement, made me start seedlings of thought about the home that I would someday like to have. I want to be sure that there is a guest bedroom or two so I could have random Goddard College weekend retreats with friends, whether or not you have, are, or will ever attend Goddard.

I could see us kicking soccer balls around, using huge words, and making intellectual connections. Then laughing at ourselves and holding impromptu cabarets. Hmmm, perhaps my backyard should be large enough to put an open theatre in it. I would so love Mary Abrams to dance there! Bernard and DawN could perform Crossing Into Presence for intimate audiences and talk about. Or Slyboots, Amanda, and Scott could all come and play drums. I could put up a projector and watching documentaries by Kao, holding workshops by Joanna or Caryn.

The possibilities are endless, and connected.

And the food... Where is MJ? Ashley could make a gaggle of brownies, and write about it. So could Tameka, or Abbey.

Let's dream that one into reality shall we?

Imagine, plan, prepare, execute...

"And you will know them by their fruit"

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