Saturday, March 5, 2011

Brownies and Turkish Get-ups

Today started out relatively normal (this does happen). It was Saturday and I woke a little early to watch some Saturday morning cartoons before my personal trainer, Marian, arrived. I will now refer to her as M5. Why, you ask? Well let me 'splain...

It is 7:00am, and I am working out. We chitchat while she makes me do various exercises. Prison squats, Swinging gates, Frog squats, Planks, and thankfully no Burpies (which I can not STAND). There were other fun bits of weighted movement... but I digress.

While we were talking, we got around to the subject of my trip to Goddard, where I told her some of the lighter, funnier moments. I mentioned the wonderful chocolate chip fudge brownies that were given to me by my sweeter-than-brownies friend Ashley. I shared them and everything. 

And all of a sudden I am doing Turkish Get-ups! 

What is a Turkish Get-up, you ask? Basically it is a dead-power-lift, where you raise yourself from a horizontal position to a standing position and then lay back down. Your hands must remain above your head at ALL times. And normally she makes me hold a five pound weight and I do five for each side. THIS TIME I did TEN on each side with TWO weights! Did I mention the 7:00 am part? Or the other exercises we already did? Or the cramps!?

It was official. M5 turned on me. I had been loaning her Madea movies and EVERYTHING. Doesn't that count for something?

I mentioned (when I could breathe) that I could've brought her some of the delectable treats. She callously told me she would have eaten them in front of me... while making me do the Turkish get ups.

She made me do side-to-side planks after that, but she didn't make me do all three parts, so I still gave her a five rating (thus the M5 nickname), and I made sure to let her know that if Ashley makes more of those awesome brownies, I AM EATING SOME!



  1. bahahahah very nice!!!!!

  2. Yes indeed those brownies were FANTASTIC. Thanks for baking Ashley and for sharing Tiffany!! You ladies rock!