Sunday, January 9, 2011

Office Space...

I am a fan of office space that feels like an actual office. Lately I have been writing a lot while sitting in my bed, and I have to say, it is affecting the color of my writing style. I admit, it was because the office setup was not optimal. Lately, that room became something of a storage closet.

Yesterday, a voice lesson fell through, and I decided to tackle the office and make it more of an office again. This is something that was talked about during my first residency at Goddard, especially in my advisor group (a loverly bunch of ladies I sometimes refer to as Goddardesses). Self-care is really important, and that includes living space care.

 As I mentioned in my first task for 2011, I want to renew the spiritual strength that I have been given as much a possible. There are times when that means heavy lifting, literally. Yesterday, I went to Salvation Army, and found a bookshelf that would have cost me roughly $300.00 had I bought it at Ikea (and it would have been made of particleboard... AND I would have had to put together myself). I am a fan of natural woodgrain, and so when I found a relatively large bookshelf for 80.00, uh, yeah, that was coming home with me. God bless my boss for hippin' me to the local Salvation Army.

I left the 14.00 Prada bag behind, just so you know.

It was delivered later during the day, and all of a sudden, I was infused with possibility. I wanted to clean my office out, and started to decorate a bit. Obviously I started to put my tiny library away, and my figurines (especially the dancin' hula guy) seemed to be appreciative of finally being unpacked and displayed.

Somehow I can now feel that my office desk is awaiting (more like yearning for) my laptop, and I am looking forward to G2 Residency, and the start of the next Graduate Semester. Oh, the mental work that will be done in that room. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it. I am moving things around, and making changes still, but I have started the work, and that is worthy of note. I have other ideas, and who knows what the end result will finally be, but I am looking forward to working in that room. This is my office bookshelf, with bits and pieces of my personal history and story. Just looking at the above picture of the desk reminds me of how richly blessed my life has been, and if "the latter shall be greater than the former", then I am one who is DEFINITELY excited about what the future holds.

Imagine, plan,
prepare, execute...
"And you will know them
by their fruit"

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