Thursday, January 6, 2011

First task of 2011- The Bible

I intend to finish reading and listening to the Bible before midnight 1/23/11.

Not only do I feel like I am showing my love and loyalty to my God and His Church (I mean Christ's Church), I am getting so much support from some of the most random places. Pastor was talking about some great things at Bible Study the other night, and he helped me better appreciate studying the Bible more for myself to better understand not only Church teachings, but just the way God teaches me every day, through every good (or trying) moment. People try to judge from a place where they just don't know. I too am working to better avoid judgment and rankism, and I figure, if I just keep busy bettering me, I won't have time for it... but I ain't EVEN gonna lie and pretend like I don't sometimes "make time for it". Thank God for His grace.

All of this to say, I will finish this task. And when I am done, I will celebrate.

I would love it if you join me in the celebration.
By yours truly in Gwynn Oak, MD
Some time in early 2010

Imagine, plan,
prepare, execute...
"And you will know them
by their fruit"


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  2. I finished. I think I will do it again. If I can marathon Lord of the Rings, I can marathon the Bible!