Thursday, November 4, 2010

Loving words about loving words

Now that I am here with a budding writing career, I am forced to reconcile the idea that it almost wasn't my idea to become a writer. It really just started to happen as I fully concluded that I have a great love of words expressed to others. Sung, spoken, interpreted through non verbal action, and of course, written.

I am sure that I love writing. I mean, I love writing. I am aroused by words. Not to be carnal or crass, but the way my mind gets about a new word or word grouping is rather feral. I can watch all the way through a horrible movie for one "good line", which isn't saying anything, because even a "bad line" is enjoyable.

I digress....

Here I am, being published, and being published. I have talked about it for so long that now that I am actually doing it, it feels outside of myself, the way tomorrow is always a day away. I write handwritten letters and use different voices to send different messages and metamessages. I frame agonism to show that I care. Social linguistics is my mental partner, and as I learn these new words (metamessages and agonism for example). I trip the alarm of mental enjoyment that actually makes my mouth water. Words are powerful. As the bible states, "Death" and "Life" really are in the power of the tongue, and because I love words spoken, enjoy the fruit of spoken word constantly. Through the love of written words, my writing has come to the forefront as my strongest joy.

That was a good couple- "strong joy".

What is your strongest joy?

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