Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ABsolutely FABulous Birthdays today

Photo by Yours Truly 6.11.10
Minnesota rocks...

What more  can I say than that. ABsolutely beautiful. I say ABsolutely, because my reason for even thinking about visiting the place was the marriage of my friend Abbey. The few days that I spent there were full of music, laughter, and of course some of the most decadent food I could possibly eat; and all cooked by Abbey herself (I dare you to ask me about her bacon waffles... ).

I defer to my most wonderful Abness in cooking matters. Period.

So why all this gushing about things Ab you ask?

Today is FabAB's birthday, and since the Marine Corps already has a Ball and YouTube video to celebrate their birthday (also today), I figured I would give her a blog.

Oh wait, she already has one...

This woman is so on her game she made her own wedding cake. Three tiers, three flavors (I am not talking Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry- I mean there was some seriously long flavor groupings the likes of which I can not remember... though I definitely  remember enjoying multiple pieces!). She taught me how to make a blueberry crumble that I don't even want to try to make because hers tasted so good. She exemplifies her motto, "Making the world a better place, one cheesecake at a time."

Happiest of Birthdays to my dear friend... I am looking forward to singing with her again real soon... and I know this blog doesn't touch 1/1000th of the stuff we have gone through together, but I am blessed by her birth... and cooking. 

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  1. *sniffle*

    aww... I love you, Tiff! *big hugs*

    I miss you oodles and bunches, you know that? And you BETTER make that crumble, fool! It's gonna be delicious because I will it to be so from across space and time.