Saturday, January 9, 2016

Or You Won't & You Won't

Happy Saturday Post!

You'll do the work

And reap the lesson
Or you won't & you won't
Perhaps I'm just guessing

I'll go through the fire
And celebrate getting through
Or I won't & I won't
And my growth won't prove

You'll walk the walk
And earn the respect
Or you won't & you won't
Poignantly reflect

I'll push myself
And lose or gain "it"
Or I won't & I won't
No point in complaining

This year (for me) is about saying less, but letting my actions speak more. I don't want the #socmed accolades. I want the glory of 2016 to be stronger relationships (old and new) and personal moments that make me glow inside.

With words, song & prayer,
Tiffany V
Yours Truly, Summer 2011
© Tiffany V.

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