Saturday, November 14, 2015

Body Fiction 3

Happy Saturday Post - I'm thankful for the life I've been given, and the stories I've been asked to post between now and the end of the year. Stay tuned! 


Six Separate Thoughts - Part III

My scars are my best friend and painfully we show
He waits- a gentleman with outstretched hand
On display broken, seething bloody glow
My pride is a garment of sifting sand

He stands to the side while I flail about
For the storm to peter out

He laughs at my rage when I move as if solo
The lines within which I am free court cliffs
His correction abrupt when I push past where to go
Under my shoulder he helps my missteps

We argue over ownership
Kingdoms via bodies and lips

It's lonely in the space of justified anger
How dare he prove and show my lack
In this way emotions can not linger
I was untethered 'til he pulled me back

His loving acceptance a lighthouse at sea
Returning home, not yet free

He massages my foot like he's invoking a shaman's spell
As if my deformation is his most prized possession
His thumbs are the lovers of my arches, ankles, heels
The somehow lost wholeness he calls to attention

And I can march to the tune of his love
My limp is a hitch kick on hold

He asks me to waltz knowing I won't really do well
As if my lacking dancer is somehow in session
He takes my wrists- holding smoke and steel
Touch whispers fly while my soul screams broken

From here to heaven I don't dare fly
His caress dreams that I try


For Seddy Bear - with three more to go before the end of November.

With words, song & prayer,
Tiffany Vakilian
© 2015 Highlight Video Productions

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