Saturday, October 31, 2015

One the Eve of our First Anniversary

Happy Saturday to you! Here's your Saturday Post!

To my other, in honor of his significance
She carries the moon in her womb
And the words in her wrist
And the skin of her mothers on her elbows and knees
She has her dream
Come true
And deferred
And he loves her
In the clouds
And on the ground
And under the ground

She carries the song in her heart
Which is still healing
She carries the sass in her hips
Which are still in pain
She considers her star shining
And fallen
And he loves her
In the sky
And in the resting mist
And in the bog

They don't understand the love
And they understand it all too well
They don't get to dance that way
Not all of them
But we love
For love is stronger
Than the burning heat of the sun
And the reflected light of the moon
And to the place of death

She carries the moon
And he walks with her
And He carries them both sometimes
With blood and gore and tears
With or without footprint
For sometimes
They fly together
And they stand still together
And they rest together

With words, song and prayer
TiMo V

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