Saturday, October 17, 2015

Black Poetry Day

On both my little bro's birthday AND Black Poetry Day, here's a Saturday Post!
From October-13
My family is an amazing maze of triumphs and failures
Heroic acts and artistic neuroses
I love them
More and more
The more I love
The bigger the family gets
There are some
Still lost
In the wilderness
I want them to know
There is a home hearth
In my heart
In my house
No judgments
No past
Just now
Just a big hug
And a
Let's move on
From here
To the legacy

For those of you I haven't met yet, this image is my brother.
He will fly across the country to defend OR correct me,
and after the carnage, he will take me for coffee.
And be sure, he isn't even my fiercest protector... You've been warned.

can be
Growth can
Petty prides
Cut with malice
Seeking destructive details
Hurt people hurt people
Proud people
Sad people
Lonely people
Controlling people
Confused people
Normal people
Human people
That's why
Let's go viral
Growing up
Getting up
Pulling up
Pushing up
Why not?

With words, song & prayer,
Yours Truly, Summer 2011
© Tiffany Monique

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