Saturday, September 12, 2015

Dealing with 2015

Good day to you and yours! Here is a Saturday Post!

I have been dreaming poignant dreams of late. Nothing that wakes me, begging to be shared. Mainly I believe I am processing this year.

I am ready for 2015 to be done; have been since February. But I have to mark the good things that are happening, and leave room for more good things in the remaining days.

Change is good, and some change is healthy, even when it hurts - like surgery.

So many people have passed this year (in and near my circle), at times I just don't want to look around the corner. But then I remember that none of us get out of this alive, and like it or not, we have legacies we leave that only we can affect in our time here.

I have friends who blow the most exquisite smoke up my derriere. To some of them, this is a compliment. To others it is a scathing rebuke. I have done both kinds of windbagging and sycophanting. One way soothes, while the other enables. I'm getting in the habit of economizing my talking in order to cut both down. At least that's what I see in dreams - I am shifting.

Lately my dreams have left me in the feeling of school. Perhaps it is the season? I'm in a learning space. Standing back, watching, answering the odd question, working...

In my dreams and waking I'm learning to peacefully cohabitate with 2015. Maybe we will part friends. At this point, it's awkward at parties.

I'm working on changing that. I can only do my best. What about you?

With words, song & prayer
TiMo aka V
© 2015 Tiffany Vakilian

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