Saturday, March 7, 2015

October Time Capsule Update

Hey y'all! Here's your Saturday post!

Remember how I said, "...check back with me in January 2015 and I'll be done with at least one of these things", and then I made a list of them:

1. Mylu
2. Family Play - Title TBA
3. Workshop syllabus and invitees for Spring 2015
4. Something Musical - recorded

That was the plan. I even started on them, like I said I would. I was supposed to check back in January and one of them was supposed to be DONE.


 I've not completed ONE THING on that list. I would have loved for it to be Mylu, but she's currently a pile of broken bones healing through the song within her as she lets it out.

As she is, so am I.

Healing hurts something fierce sometimes, but I like the pain of healing far better than the pain of sickness. I went through a trial, and am coming out on the other side with writing followed by singing as my impetus to engage this part of the story (this part of that experience anyway).

But I did finish my book of poetry. I planned to publish in February, but February had other plans. So we shall see when it comes out and go from there. It's in post-production getting ready for a nice quiet launch into the universe... something understated, like Cape Canaveral in true late bloomer style.

"So many things are this way. Like LIFE."

With words, song and prayer,

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